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File:Cbar.png|thumb|A "Chunko-Honey" Brand candy bar. Although the label says otherwise, this variety of candy bar is never referred to; The CHOC-O-LENT DREAM and MontyBites varieties are. {{Quote|CHOC-O-LENT DREAM, IT'S CHOCOLATE! IT'S PEOPLE! IT'S BOTH!™ 85% Recycled Material|Deus Ex description}}
A '''candy bar''' is a bar-shaped confection made of chocolate, sugar, and milk. Candy bars can be found in both ''Deus Ex'' and ''Deus Ex: Invisible War'', both in vending machines and lying around. Each bar restores a small amount of health, but several can be carried en masse and used all at once to regain a lot of health. In Battery Park, two homeless children will exchange info about the NSF for candy bars. In ''Deus Ex'', all candy bars read "CHOC-O-LENT DREAM. ITS CHOCOLATE! ITS PEOPLE! ITS BOTH!(tm) 85% recycled material." In ''Deus Ex: Invisible War'', they all are "MontyBites" brand chocolate bars.{{Quote|Get a health boost from MontyBites! It's the flavor of post-Collapse hipsters. The only candy that bites back.|Deus Ex: Invisible War description}}

== Trivia ==

* The security password for the helibase at LaGuardia Airport is "chunkohoney".
* The description of the candy bars in Deus Ex is a reference to the film Soylent Green, in which the film's protagonist discovers that the eponymous protein wafer bars are made out of people.

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An unknown brand of liquor with the label torn off.