'''Cairo''' is one of the cities visited by Alex Denton in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''.

In the wake of the Collapse, Cairo has become extremely socially stratified.  After the Collapse, a perpetual storm of nanite particles developed. Nanite Swell 11 has haunted Cairo for years. The upper class live within the Cairo Arcology, melds architecture and ecology, a heavily regulated environment with tight security but many creature comforts, a perfect living and working space. Inside the Cairo Arcology, atmospheric barriers protect against the deadly Nanite Swell 11 plague.

The lower class live in Old Cairo, a slum ravaged by a harmful nanite swell and plagued with greasels, citizens wearing rebreathers against Nanite Swell 11. Throughout both sides of the city, the Knights Templar operate virtually unopposed, and have been recruiting from both the disillusioned few within the Arcology and the resentful masses without.

*'''Dr. Leila Nassif''' - a native of Old Cairo who went on to become a leading scientist in biomod research
*'''Maskini Nassif''' - uncle of Dr. Nassif, and the owner of the Nassif Greenhouse
*'''Eeva Nassif''' - daughter of Maskini, and a top student at Tarsus Cairo
*'''Jennifer McAllister''' - a top student at Tarsus Cairo
*'''Silas Archer''' - a Templar operative working undercover as the headmaster of Tarsus Cairo
*'''Christopher Ubair''' - the corrupt Chairman of the Arcology, who is secretly serving the Templars
*'''Mina Ameer''' - a girl from Old Cairo who dreams of becoming enrolled at Tarsus Cairo
*'''Mrs. Ameer''' - Mina's mother, who hires Alex to hack into the computers at the Tarsus academy in order to grant her daughter admission
*'''Harvester''' - a biomod harvester who offers Alex money in exchange for the body of the Security Chief
*'''Tariq''' - the private - and heavily armed - bodyguard to the Harvester

*'''Cairo Arcology''' - a massive building that combines residential and commercial areas to provide greater convenience for the modern resident of Cairo
*'''Order Mosque''' - a mosque that has been taken over by the Order Church
*'''Nassif Greenhouse''' - one of the major employers in Old Cairo, despite having been set up against World Trade Organization|WTO regulations
*'''Medina Apartments''' - a low-cost apartment complex, and the site of the local Omar black market


Cairo2.png|Old Cairo
Cairo5.png|Cairo Arcology
Cairo6.png|Entrance of the Cairo Arcology
Cairo7.png|Interior of the Cairo Arcology
Cairo8.png|Flight bay in Cairo Arcology
Cairo9.png|Desert around Cairo

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