{{Organisation Infobox
|Box title = CD
|Row 1 title = Founder
|Row 1 info = Unknown
|Row 2 title = Type
|Row 2 info = Automotive Industry
|Row 3 title = Headquarters
|Row 3 info = Unknown
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|Row 4 info = United States}}'''CD''' is an automotive industry manufacturer in the United States during ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. It is in direct competition with Motokun, and could also be competing with Navig.

In 2027, of the two vehicles produced by CD and seen on the streets of Detroit, the first is a widely available civilian car that appears to be a sporty coupe, and may be called the ''Redline'', as the Deus Ex Artbook seems to suggest. The second is merely a heavy-duty variety of the first, with some changes but many similarities, used by the Detroit Police Station|Detroit Police.

Car Capture 3.JPG|Concept art
230.jpg|Civilian model
DX3_CDAutoCop.png|Detroit police model

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