Brett Steed

'''Brett Steed''' was a media pundit and the host of ''Talk Bullet!'', a short-format talk show on which he would accost celebrities.
It's unknown when Steed began his career, but he rapidly attracted fans who were irritated by the slow pace at which the World Trade Organization and the Order Church attempted to rebuild society in the wake of the Collapse. He became known for grilling his subjects on the air while never allowing them the opportunity to respond intelligently to his question, thus making them look foolish. He reserved particular venom for Lin-May Chen, the High Auger of the Order, whom he accused of promoting beliefs that even she knew to be a lie.

Steed's career ended abruptly after he attempted to interview Saman, a former Luminon of the Order who had recently come out as the Grand Master of the anti-biomod Knights Templar. Rapidly cutting off Steed before he could interrupt him, Saman denounced the culture that Steed represented and declared that as one of his first moves torwards reforming society, he would force the show's cancellation.
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