==''Deus Ex''==

*''Common Sense'' by Thomas Paine
*''Face of the New Man'' by Kelley Chance
*''Insurgent'' by X
*''Jacob's Shadow'' by Andrew Hammond
*''Petals Of Twilight'' by Charles Francois Guillermot
*''Richard III'' by Shakespeare
*''Righteous Angels: Perspectives on UNATCO'' by Wendi White
*''Tai-Fun'' by Lin Yeoh
*''The Art of War'' by Sun Tzu
*''The Eye Of Argon'' by Jim Theis
*''The Doctrine Of The Mighty'' by The Majestic Council Of The Twelve
*''The Man Who Was Thursday'' by G.K. Chesterton
*''The Reluctant Dictators'' by Travis Crockett
*''The Red Cross|The Red Cross: A history of the Knights Templar'' by Richard Baigent
*''The True Way'' by Kishiro Yoshitaka
*''Universal Constructor: Theory, Priciples and Practice'' by Wayne Yin

==''Deus Ex: Invisible War''==
*''A personal invitation to AlexD, from Tarsus Academies''

*''Frankenstein'' by Mary Shelley

*''Tai-Fun'' by Lin Yeoh

*''The Dentons: Myth and Mystery''

*''Tommy the Talking Greasel'' by Stewart Deere

*''The True Way'' by Kishiro Yoshitaka

==''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''==
*''Daedalus Complex'' by Laurie Matthews

*''Electric System Loss Volume III'' by Laurie Matthews

*''Mathematical Models Second Edition'' by Laurie Matthews

*''SWAT'' by Laurie Matthews
*''The Many Levels of Hate''
*''The Art of Gratuitous Violence''

*''Aug Magazine''
*''The Personal''
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