File:Boltcaster IW.jpg|thumb|378px|Boltcaster{{Quote|Rather than a traditional tension based crossbow, the boltcaster accelerates a bolt electromagnetically. The bolt injects a toxin that inflicts non-lethal poison damage over time.
|description of Boltcaster|Deus Ex: Invisible War}}The '''Boltcaster''' is a weapon in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''. It fires a non-lethal poison dart that also contains knockout gas. This weapon also includes a Smart Scope.

Seems to be a more high-tech successor to the mini-crossbow found in ''Deus Ex''.

The Boltcaster will be your primary ranged weapon in a pacifist run, as it does not kill enemies. However, make sure to fit a silencer on the gun; the boltcaster's firing sound can be heard by enemies if it doesn't have one.

In a non-pacifist run, the boltcaster can be useful to help soften up a strong enemy, (such as an Illuminati Commando). After firing a few shots at the enemy, switch to your primary weapon and finish the target off.

The only groups that seems to use boltcasters are Order Seekers and the occasional thug.

==Unique variant==
*Hellfire Boltcaster

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