Bobson Synthetics Group

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The Bobson Synthetics Group is a fictional company that appears in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. From the various products that the player consumes during the course of the game, it might be safe to assume that the Bobson Sythetics Group specialises in various types of power sources ranging from industrial to military applications.

==Products== *Ammunition (DX3)|Stun Gun Darts *Ammunition (DX3)|LINA Cell *Ammunition (DX3)|DPF Capsule *Power Generator|Portable Power Generator Category:Companies
You know, it's too bad that Christopher Nolan couldn't do this movie... I would love to see his take on the character and story of DX3. A man having to live in a society where human augmentation is just in its nacent period. I think it would be a masterpiece, just as long as he doesnt turn it into a Blade Runner clone.
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