Bioelectric cell (DX)

File:ECELL.png|thumb{{Quote|A bioelectric cell provides efficient storage of energy in a form that can be utilized by a number of different devices.
|Deus Ex description.}}'''Bioelectric cells''' are items in ''Deus Ex''. They recharge 25% of the player's Bioenergy. A maximum of 30 may be carried at one time.

{{Quote|Augmented agents have been equipped with an interface that allows them to transparently absorb energy from bioelectric cells.|Jaime Reyes|UNATCO OPS FILE NOTE JR289-VIOLET}}
Bioelectric Cells are compact single-use cells of stored energy which restore any augmented person's bioenergy. Seeing as how Nano-augmentation|Nano Augmentation is still in its infancy in 2052, and how Cells can be found throughout the world, they likely are also used to charge appliances and Mechanical Augmentation|Mechanically Augmented people.


Biocell.jpg|Biocell in Deus Ex

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