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'''Side-handle baton''' is a Weapons in Deus Ex: Invisible War|weapon in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''.

Side-handle baton is a heavyweight polyurethane baton with a short side handle at a right angle to the shaft. It's a non-lethal melee weapon commonly used in 2072 by guards or troopers (like SSC or WTO) to the detriment of the Baton (DX)|expandable baton found in ''Deus Ex''.

A perfect weapon for a pacifist run. It strikes quick blows and knocks an enemy unconscious very quickly, and if you hit the enemy in the back of the head twice, it should be enough to stun him.

However, without the Strength Enhancement augmentation, the baton's strength will prove too small as stronger enemies appear throughout the game. With the Strength Enhancement at maximum, it becomes a formidable weapon, which in addition to making unsconscious almost all enemies - knocking out Illuminati Elite Troopers in 2-3 blows.

*Seattle Tarsus Academy, in Alex Denton|Alex Denton's locker.
*Inclinator|Seattle Inclinator, can be found on a crate in the room with the inclinator connecting Upper Seattle|Upper and Lower Seattle.

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