B13 Antimatter Reactors

The '''B-13 Antimatter Reactors''' are an extremely sophisticated form of generator located in Sector 3 of Area 51 in Deus Ex.

The Antimatter Reactors are never given much in-game explanation, but if the sole mechanic near the reactors is to be believed, they were reverse-engineered from the alien crash site in Roswell, much like the Blue Fusion Reactors and to an extent, the Grays (despite being cloned in Universal Constructors, the Grays have no Alien knowledge or experience - they have only lived in cages and cells, so they have intelligence comparative to Earthen primates). The mechanic mentions that the reactors are unstable, and, despite their extreme energy output, they are only used for tests.

Theoretically, Antimatter Reactors would use antimatter. The reactors would combine the two types of matter, creating a violent reaction where the two particles are destroyed and a massive energy output is released. Thus, these reactors are capable of infinite, renewable energy with more efficiency than any other current power source, but at the same time are capable of explosions several times worse than most nuclear devices.

==Deus Ex==
At the end of the game, Tracer Tong will try to convince the player to cut off the coolant and failsafes to the reactors, and then activate them, causing a meltdown that destroys Area 51, the location of all the worlds communication mediums, making a "New Dark Age". The player must choose between this, the Helios Ending, and the Illuminati ending. The coolant is located in Sector 4, near the bottom floor of the Nanotech Infusion Chamber. The failsafes are located on the side of both reactors, though the pits are filled with hazardous radioactive waste, and some Grays.

*Once the player stops the failsafes and coolant to the Reactors, the mechanic in the control room will File:Coolant.png|thumb|300px|The Coolant reservoir in Sector 4 moving upwards to the Reactors.realize what the player is attempting to do and shoot at them with a 10mm pistol.
*The coolant reservoir begins in a tunnel under Page's Infusion chamber, then moves west for several hundred meters, where it moves up to the reactors. If the player swims through this pipe to the end, they will reach 2 deep pits surrounded by chain link fences. If they dive to the bottom of the pit with a soldier floating in it, they can find a LAW, but this is difficult to do without the Swimming skill, a rebreather, or aqualung.
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