Australian Civil War

The '''Australian Civil War''' is an event briefly File:Australian Civil War1.png|thumb|350pxdescribed in the book'' Deus Ex: Icarus Effect'' and mentioned in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution. ''It plays a major role in ''the Missing Link.''

According to the book, in 2025, Australia found a large underground reserve of fossil fuels off the coast of Antarctica. By this time, fossil fuels are in short supply, so there were conflicting interests between North Australia, which wanted to provide oil for Peoples Republic of China|China and their own benefit, and the more western South Australia Federations. The two sides have since resorted to war.

According to Ben Saxon, protagonist of ''Deus Ex: Icarus Effect'', over 1/3 of forces on both sides are not soldiers, but rather private armies such as Belltower Associates. Saxon lead a special task force called Strike Team Six in the Australian Civil War, when his entire team was killed due to faulty information from his superiors, beginning the events of the book.File:Australian Civil War2.png|thumb|340px

By 2027, the Northern Territory has been placed largely under SAF control. The North's government has evacuated abroad and set up a government-in-exile. Meanwhile, any major uprisings are quelled by mercenary units on SAF's payroll, including one notable incident when the 12th Regiment of Belltower Associates shut down a revolt in the territory.


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