Augmentations (DX2)

{{Quote|The Augmentation canister|canisters will transfer seed populations of nanites into subregions of your body. You will need to configure each subpopulation for a specific skill. For instance, the actin drivers in your legs can either increase your speed or quiet your footsteps — not both.|Leila Nassif|Dr. Leila Nassif|Deus Ex: Invisible War}}The '''augmentations''' (call '''biomods''' in-game) that the player can implanted in their body in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War'' are nano-augmentation, and a more refined form of those seen in ''Deus Ex'', intervening at a biomolecular level.

Since a biomodification is the process of modifying a biological organism using either genetic or mechanical means, all kind of augmentations like mechanical augmentation or physiopharmaceutical augmentation are included, but speaking specifically in term of nano-augmentation, biomods are modular nanotechnology implants using biological nanites, that involves changing the body physically at a biomolecular level.

The augmentations featured are:

{| border="1" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" style="text-align: center"
! Location
! colspan="2" | Standard Biomod
! Black Market Biomod
! Eye
File:Eye Slot.jpg|100px
| Regeneration
''(Activated)'' | Vision Enhancement
''(Activated)'' | Spy Drone
''(Activated)'' |- ! Cranial File:Cranial Slot.jpg|100px | Cloak
''(Activated)'' | Hazard Drone
''(Drone)'' | Neural Interface
''(Passive)'' |- ! Skeletal File:Skeletal Slot.jpg|100px | Aggressive Defense Drone
''(Drone)'' | Thermal Masking
''(Activated)'' | Electrostatic Discharge
''(Passive)'' |- ! Arms File:Arm Slot.jpg|100px | Biotoxin Attack Drone
''(Drone)'' | Strength Enhancement
''(Passive)'' | Bot Domination
''(Activated)'' |- ! Legs File:Leg Slot.jpg|100px | Move Silent
''(Passive)'' | Speed Enhancement
''(Activated)'' | Health Leech Drone
''(Drone)'' |} Augmentations also differ in the manner of their operations: *''Activated'' augmentations must be manually activated by the player to function. These augmentations will constantly drain the player's bioenergy while in use, and cannot function if there is insufficient bionenergy. *''Passive'' augmentations do not require bioenergy to function and their effects are always present or are automatically used in appropriate situations. *''Drone'' augmentations must be manually activated by the player to create a drone orbiting the player. Bioenergy is required to activate drone augmentations; however, these augmentations will only drain bioenergy when the appropriate drone is actively performing its function. Augmentations are installed with biomod canisters. These canisters can also be used to upgrade already-installed augmentations (Level 3 is the highest level possible for any augmentation). Some biomod canisters are black-market augmentations, and can only be obtained in illegal situations (hence the name). Below is a list of the augmentations and their functions: ==Pre-installed== '''File:Light Biomod.jpg|left|100px|LightLight''': Light is a wide, short-range flashlight. This is useful for lighting this game's dark areas. This augmentation does not use up bioenergy unlike its ''Deus Ex'' counterpart. {{Clr}} ==Eyes== File:RegenerationIW.jpg|left|101px|Regeneration '''Regeneration''': This augmentation heals damage sustained by the player, at any time as long as the player has enough energy. This augmentation reduces the need for medkits and food, and its healing ability improves with each upgrade. {{Clr}} File:Vision Enhancement IW.jpg|left|101px|Vision Enhancement '''Vision Enhancement''': This gives the player night vision, and highlights any organics beings. When upgraded to Level 2, the player can see organic enemies through walls, but not electronic devices or bots. When upgraded to Level 3, the player can see all targets, items and interactive objects through walls. {{Clr}} File:Spy Drone IW.jpg|left|101px|Spy Drone '''Spy Drone''': Spy Drone creates a hovering robot that allows the player to scan areas they cannot reach themselves. It can also release an EMP blast to disable electronic devices. When upgraded to Level 2, its EMP attack improves, its energy drain decreases, and the drone can transmit sound. When upgraded to Level 3, the energy drain decreases even further, and its EMP blast becomes so powerful, that it can interfere with nervous systems, knocking organic enemies unconscious. This is one of the black-market augmentations. {{Clr}} ==Cranial== File:Cloak IW.jpg|left|101px|Cloak '''Cloak''': This makes you invisible to organic enemies, but not to electronic devices and bots. When you use a weapon, you become visible to the enemy. Each upgrade reduces energy drain. {{Clr}} File:Hazard Drone.jpg|left|101px|Hazard Drone '''Hazard Drone''': This augmentation protects its user from many background hazards such as toxin, flame and radiation, as well as offering limited protection against some combat damage such as explosives or Mag Rail shots. Upgrading this augmentation enhances the Drone's protection level and reduces the energy drain. {{Clr}} File:Neural Interface.jpg|left|101px|Neural Interface '''Neural Interface''': This augmentation allows the user to hack electronic devices, including computers and ATMs. This hacking power improves with each upgrade; at Level 2, the user can hack cameras, and at Level 3, the user can hack turrets. This is one of the black-market augmentations. {{Clr}} ==Skeletal== File:Aggressive Defense Drone.jpg|left|101px|Aggressive Defense Drone '''Aggressive Defense Drone''': This augmentation detonates incoming rockets and grenades in midair. The distance between user and explosive increases with each upgrade. {{Clr}} File:Thermal Masking.jpg|left|101px|Thermal Masking '''Thermal Masking''': This augmentation makes you invisible to bots and electronic devices, but not organic enemies. The invisibility effect lasts as long as you don't use a weapon. The energy drain decreases with each upgrade. {{Clr}} File:Electrostatic Discharge.jpg|left|101px|Electrostatic Discharge '''Electrostatic Discharge''': This augmentation charges melee weapons with an EMP field. This weapon's EMP effect increases with each upgrade, and at Level 3, it gains the ability to scramble bots. At level 3, the player can hit laser emitters to disable the lasers without resorting to Multitool (DX2)|Multitools or other means. This is one of the black-market augmentations. {{Clr}} ==Arms== File:Strength Enhancement.jpg|left|101px|Strength Enhancement '''Strength Enhancement''': This is a remake of the DX1 augmentation Microfibrial Muscle. This augmentation increases the player's strength, allowing him/her to carry heavy objects. With each level, you gain a slot in your inventory and your strength increases, allowing you to carry heavier objects and deal more melee damage. {{Clr}} File:Biotox Attack Drone.jpg|left|101px|Biotox Attack Drone '''Biotox Attack Drone''': This drone fires biotoxin darts at the target, knocking them unconscious. Each upgrade reduces its energy drain. {{Clr}} File:Bot Domination.jpg|left|101px|Bot Domination '''Bot Domination''': As the name suggests, this augmentation allows the user to take control of a bot for a limited period of time. With each upgrade, its energy drain decreases, while length of dominations and bot size capability increase (Light spider bot|Spider bots at level 1, CC-75 Security bot|CC-75's at level 2, and RB-76 Military bot|RB-76's at level 3). This is one of the black-market augmentations. {{Clr}} ==Legs== File:Move Silent.jpg|left|101px|Move Silent '''Move Silent''': This augmentation muffles walking steps at Level 1, walking and jogging steps at Level 2 and all steps at Level 3. It also reduces fall damage. The fall buffer increases with each upgrade. {{Clr}} File:Speed Enhancement IW.jpg|left|101px|Speed Enhancement '''Speed Enhancement''': This augmentation increases the player's speed, jumping distance and reduces all fall damage. All these effects improve with each upgrade. {{Clr}} File:Health Leech Drone.jpg|left|101px|Health Leech Drone '''Health Leech Drone''': This augmentation allows the user to suck the matter out of corpses to heal himself/herself. Each level increases the healing efffect. You get more health for draining unconscious people/animals than dead people/animals. At level 3, the drone will eat smaller entities (pigeons, cats, mice) living and awake. Players must be careful when activating it, as the drone will kill unconscious enemies, and NPCs do not find it socially acceptable for a drone to eat unconscious or dead bodies in their sight. This is one of the black-market augmentations. ==Behind the scenes== A couple augmentations that were mentioned in previews, but didn't make the final cut: *'''Prismatic Resonator''' ''Phases your body and allows you to walk through laser beams, but energy weapons do double damage to you.'' *'''Skull Gun''' ''Remember Gunther asking for one of these so he could kill by thought? Well, if you deal with the black market you can have one in your eye.'' Category:Augmentations