Augmentation upgrade canister

File:Upgradecanister.png|thumb {{Quote|An augmentation upgrade canister contains highly specific Nanites|nanomechanisms that, when combined with a previously programmed module, can increase the efficiency of an installed augmentation. Because no programming is required, upgrade canisters may be used by trained agents in the field with minimal risk.|description of upgrade canisters|Deus Ex}}
'''Augmentation Upgrade Canisters''' are items in the videogame ''Deus Ex''. They are scattered in secret locations throughout the game, and are mostly rarer than augmentation canisters until later levels. An upgrade canister takes up one space in the inventory grid, and they may be used at any time by the player without the need for a Matsu-Gravas GV-4 Nightingale medical bot|medbot. An upgrade canister can be used to upgrade any Augmentations (DX)|augmentation (except for the default 3 and Synthetic Heart) by one "level".


Augmentation Upgrade.jpg|Augmentation Upgrade Canister

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