Alice Priest's computer

'''Alice Priest& computer''' is a :Category:Deus Ex computers and terminals|computer appearing in Deus Ex. It is located on the desk in the Free Clinic reception and belongs to Alice Priest, chief nurse.

'''From:''' J. Allred|JAllred//MedNet.1162.3908

'''To:''' APriest//MedNet.1178.3908
'''Subject:''' Apologies Alice, sorry about the way things have been lately. I've been through tough times before, and they come on like storms—when you're in the middle of one you don't think the sunlight will ever break through again. There were some stretches in Texas when the fighting got so bad that it seemed like there was nothing but wounded people wherever I went, that was all I saw, just wounds to be bandaged. This is a hard stretch but we'll pull through all right, and we'll help a lot of people who wouldn't be helped otherwise. I've got a lot of faith in you and the rest of the staff. We'll make do. Allred Category:Deus Ex computers and terminals