Affaires le France

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AF: ... And now France?

BP: Yes, France. France -- and Europe -- have prospered for thousands of years... it would be foolish to ignore the economic and cultural opportunities that exist here. This country has a huge reserve of talent, in all sectors of the work force, and Page Industries is looking forward to recruiting the best and the brightest.

AF: But what about the turmoil that seems to be afflicting much of the continent, the rise of radical splinter groups such as SCHUSE and Silhouette?

BP: Intimidation through violence is the last resort of the weak... these groups are composed of nothing but frustrated, gullible individuals. We have a very effective security organization that will be working with both local and national authorities to minimize whatever potential for actual harm they present.

AF: So you see yourself working closely with the government?

BP: Very closely...
Category:Deus Ex books, magazines and newspapers