A Coalition For Liberty (eBook)

'''A Coalition For Liberty''' is an ingame eBook that can be found and read in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. 

==A Coalition For Liberty==
'''The UN's Responsibility to the World'''

: In an age that has seen the rise of terrorism as a means of geopolitical change, an age where no one nation can truly be called upon to shoulder the burden of security and law enforcement, one must dare to consider that the time has come for the United Nations to step up and accept this responsibility.

: A force, unbound by borders or the whims of governments and corporate interests, is needed in this uncertain time. In the wake of ongoing atrocities perpetrated by fanatics and criminals, the need for such an organization cannot be denied.

: It is proposed that the UN commence a series of evaluation studies, to consider with great seriousness the future creation of a new trans-national anti-terror force. The freedoms we take for granted are under siege, and without guardians of liberty, they may be lost.

*This proposal was apparently effective, since eventually UNATCO is formed.
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