100101 small security bot


{{Quote|An inexpensive security bot, a favorite of Third World countries and corporate security divisions. Not so mobile, but don't be fooled: we've lost plenty of agents to its well-armored assault gun. Like other bots, it's difficult to damage with ordinary bullets.|Jaime Reyes|''Deus Ex''}}

The '''100101 small security bot''' is a type of security and patrol bot in ''Deus Ex''.

An inexpensive security bot and the favorite of Third World countries and corporate security divisions in 2052. It is never made clear in-game what company makes this model, but it is most likely produced by Chiang, as it and Page Industries are the only known widespread producers of security and military bots in 2052.

In addition, the number "100101" can be read on its sides, and Chiang's only known products, the Chiang Arcbot M2 and Chiang Arcbot M5, both have a 6-digit number in the same font and color, and the steel on all three Chiang bots is colored exactly the same.

This bot is usually the first hostile bot the player sees, after the friendly Page Bravo-3 Peacebringer on Liberty Island at the beginning of the game. It has four small machine guns, firing the powerful 7.62x51mm NATO round. It also rolls around on tank treads instead of legs, making it deceptively fast but limiting its AI and giving it a noticeably slower reaction time. Despite this, it is just as dangerous as other security bots if the player gets too close. Despite the fact that it is cheaper and more accessible, the 100101 small security bot is rarely seen, almost exclusively used by the poorer NSF in the early parts of the game and private, but still less wealthy individuals throughout the world. The Majestic-12 usually opt for the deadlier (and more expensive) Page Bravo-3 Peacebringer and Page Delta-2 Peacebringer, as their ties with Page Industries probably mean that money is not an issue. It has 150 HP and 40 EMP HP (some have 50 EMP HP).

*Liberty Island, patrols outside the front door of the Statue of Liberty.
*Smuggler's hideout (Behind a shutter, only comes out if a nearby Laser Tripwire|Tripwire is thrown.)
*Near the helibase at LaGuardia Airport (2 bots).
*At the exterior of LaGuardia Airport's hangar (3 bots).
*Outside Lebedev's 747.
*Paris, guarding a metro near the Cathedrale de Payens, is indifferent to the player.
*Outside the Aquinas Router in Area 51, under Helios' control (2 bots), they will help player against MJ12 Commandos.
*Area 51 Sector 4
**Near the blue fusion reactor on the top floor (2 bots).
**On the middle floor, activated by a security console.
**On the bottom floor, activated by a security console.
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