Peta Wilson



Nikita - Cold Operative for Section One.

for Nikita Samuelle
CODENAME:  Josephine
AGE: Early 20's
[lower right quad.]
BLOOD TYPE: O Negative
HAIR COLOR: Light Blond
HEIGHT: 5'10"
LANGUAGES: English, French, Slovic
Gray Wellman
(ended by Section)
(Mission Fatality)
RELATIVES: Mother (estranged)
STRENGTHS: Ability to Emotionally
Manipulate Targets
Quick Learner
Reacts well under Pressure
Unafraid of Death
Works Well as Part of a Team
WEAKNESSES: Emotions (Humanity and Need
for Love especially noted)
Inability to See "Big Picture"
Not Afraid to Challenge
Mission Profile
WEIGHT: 120 lbs.

To understand Nikita you must first understand what motivates her.

Everything we have learned about Nikita's past paints a picture of a child raised without a parent's love or protection.  Ignored and/or abused by her mother and her mother's boyfriends, shunned and attacked by other school children, Nikita learned at an early age to hold herself aloof — make herself blend in and escape notice.  In essence, Nikita's early life was that of a victim.

Nikita did learn how to survive — the hard way.  She was in her middle teens when her mother picked her new boyfriend over Nikita and kicked her daughter out.  Now homeless, Nikita learned to be self-sufficient and independent.  This is where her intelligence and quick adaptability first appeared.  However, she continued to utilize her talent of fading into the background to escape the notice of police and those who prey on the young and homeless.  Fate, again, took a hand when she was unjustly accused of killing a cop and sentenced to prison — where she was noticed and selected by Section One as a potential Cold Operative.

Season One

Season One centered on Nikita's navigation through the treacherous waters of Section.  We saw her change from a naïve teenager to a slightly hardened young woman.  Nikita learned that if she was not willing to change her emotional outlook on life (that innocents should always be protected, and SOTW should always be punished), she must learn to hide them.  And, while hiding her inner thoughts from everyone, search for a way out.

During Nikita's two years as a recruit, Section taught her to fight, challenged her intelligence, and transformed her into a polished and seductive young woman.  However, her emotional outlook remained untouched — that of a somewhat ingenuous teenager that still believed good usually overcame evil and that, even in Section, she could live a somewhat normal life.

Her first year as a Cold Operative radically altered this perspective.  Nikita found that she could kill in "hot blood," and to show any emotion was to give someone a weapon they would use against you.  She learned that she could do a service for humanity — but that it came at a price (the danger of become a soulless Operative).  Nikita learned her present life cost a childhood friend her life, that loving someone in Section only made you vulnerable to manipulation, and to form any type of relationship (friend or lover) outside Section put that individual in jeopardy.  Her Mentor (Michael) ruthlessly used and manipulated her for the sake of Section, all the while keeping her close and cutting off any potential avenue of escape.

By the end of Nikita's first year as a Cold Op, most of the friends she had made in Section were either lost on missions or cancelled by Section.  Nikita had survived physical, mental and emotional torture, and was coming to realize that she was slowly losing pieces of herself as she became closer to Section's idea of a good Cold Operative.  Just as she and Section had decided to end the fight for her identity (either by suicide or cancellation), Michael stepped in and gave her a way out.  This, too, came with a price.  To have her freedom she must cut herself off from everyone at Section — including Michael.

Season Two

Season Two starts with Nikita realizing that having your freedom doesn't make you 'free.'  She quickly learned she could never regain her lost innocence, and that, however nebulous a connection it was, her life at Section was better the one of total seclusion she now lived.  When a terrorist group brings her back into Section's orbit, her self-imposed isolation and the need for someone in her life has her falling under Michael's control once more.  Michael's need for her has him seducing Nikita and manipulating events to bring her back under his (and Section's) control.

But this is not the same Nikita.  Her short time 'outside' had shown her that she could no longer function in 'normal' society with any quality of life.  Therefore, she must build her future in Section.  Since Section was now her 'family,' Nikita was willing to give more of herself, but she demanded more back in return.

Where Season One depicted how Nikita metamorphosed and responded to Section, Season Two is how Section (both as a whole and individually) changes in response to Nikita.  As Nikita matures and realizes what she wants and needs out of life, she forces the people around her to change as well.  Michael no longer has an emotionally starved waif he can control, but a woman with the strength to fight both him and Section for her new life at Section.

Nikita is a catalyst to everyone around her.  It shall be interesting to see what changes she brings about in Section.