Alberta Watson



Madeline ... Section's Master Strategist
and Psyche Operative

Beautiful and mysterious, she controls her domain in Section with an iron hand encased in a velvet glove. Indeed, the term "Iron Maiden" has been used in describing her and this description fits her perfectly.

Her primary role in Section is that of master strategist and Psyche Ops. With eerie intent she focuses on her work. Exuding the aura of a 'Mona Lisa' she manipulates and controls the lives of each and every operative in Section. The very idea of personal emotions having a part in the decisions she makes is ludicrous. Madeline is the only one of the key characters of LFN that has NOT fallen victim to her emotions.

Every action, every move, every word, has been thought out and put into play with but one goal for its existence ... to benefit Section's cause. Brilliant in her ability to understand and foresee what another is feeling and will do, she uses this information to control and manipulate that person.

Even with almost the same enigmatic quality that surrounds Michael, we still managed to learn a few facts about Madeline. First off, we found out that as a child she killed her younger sister over a doll by pushing her down a stairwell. What is not known is if this was just the first in a series of events that brought Madeline to Section.

Another interesting tidbit of knowledge that was revealed quite recently is that Madeline and Operations have a 'past'. Therefore, if there is anyone that Madeline may feel deeply for -- it's him. Yet, along with this knowledge we also learn that Madeline does not care to resume this type of relationship with him, again.

In the episode, NEW REGIME we viewed a more impassioned Madeline. Yet, her emotionalism was completely in character with the realization that it was fixated on restoring Section to normal.

Another specialty that is uniquely hers is the ability to extrapolate information from anyone. To be interrogated by Madeline is enough to strike fear into the most resolute of enemies. In the dark world that Section is a part of, it appears that her skill is almost legendary with her enemies both knowing and fearing her.

Possibly the most extraordinary thing about her is her strength of will, as in one episode we see a display of her ability to control her own heart. Actually stopping it and then starting it again, in order to thwart her kidnapper's plans.

Of all the characters of LaFemme Nikita, Madeline is one of the most fascinating -- with her terrifying calmness always in place, even as she decides, along with Operations, who will live and who will die. Feeling justified in her actions as for her, SECTION is everything.